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I just read, Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of Places by Henry Carroll. There are two quotes from it I want to share:

Photography allows us to comprehend our encounters with the sublime. It satisfies our irresistible urge to contain or make sense of something greater than ourselves. (94)

Showing the world through your eyes. That’s what it’s all about. Some people might not like what you see or how you see it. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you find the places that mean something to you and communicate that connection through your photographs. (119)

This could apply to many areas of life. The book is full of quick tips for beginners or experts.

Hilo Bay, Hawaii

A rainy evening at Kilauea Crater, Volcano, Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Onomea Bay and the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, a “Garden in a Valley on the Ocean.” It is a museum of living plants that attracts photographers, gardeners, botanists, scientists, and nature lovers from around the world. The Garden’s collection of tropical plants is international in scope. Over 2,000 species, representing more than 125 families and 750 genera, are found in this one-of-a-kind garden.

The 40-acre valley is a natural greenhouse, protected from buffeting tradewinds and blessed with fertile volcanic soil. Throughout this garden valley, nature trails meander through a true tropical rainforest, crossing bubbling streams, passing several beautiful waterfalls and the exciting ocean vistas along the rugged Pacific coast.

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a 501(c)(3) Scientific and Educational non-profit, whose mission is to serve as a nature preserve and sanctuary, a living seed bank, and a study center for trees and plants of the tropical world. The Garden is dedicated to the collection and display of the world’s tropical plants, and to the education of both children and adults about the plight of the world’s rainforests. At a time when rainforest plants are disappearing at an alarming rate, the Garden is working to preserve as many species as possible for the benefit of future generations.

Hilo, Hawaii’s beautiful Lili’uokalani Gardens.

Puna Taiko performs at the Banyan Gallery as part of the Banyan Drive Art Stroll in Hilo, Hawaii.

This video shows the ongoing volcanic eruption at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with molten lava higher than usual. Great scenic views!